Track/Performance Suspension

As a motorsport specialist, suspension is a huge part of what we do. We don’t just fit parts – we use your feedback, budget and usage to tailor a package to you. The correct component choice ultimately comes down to how you use the car and your budget. We’re more than happy to talk you through your options if you’re uncertain.

Replacing the rubber bushes for a polyurethane or spherical bearing improves the steering response, stability and prevents tyre wear through unwanted geometry changes when energy is put through the car during throttle, cornering and braking forces. Geometry can be tuned far more favourably with the use of adjustable arms, giving us the ability to set your car up exactly how you’d like. No stiction during suspension travel, no un-wanted geometry changes and the correct component choices make a huge difference to the performance of a car.

You can choose to have the existing control arms, hubs or subframes refurbished at the same time as fitting new components. Not only does this make a huge difference to the appearance (a fundamental part of building any car is the finish) – we use it as an opportunity to get a proper look at the condition of each part once sandblasted. Zinc plated bolts upon reassembly leaves things looking better than new, making them easier to keep clean in future and ensures the correct fitment of new bushes and joints.

Our suspension upgrades include:

  • Coilovers kits with spring rate options
  • Lowering springs and uprated dampers
  • Polyurethane bush replacements
  • Adjustable control arms
  • Anti-roll bars
  • Spherical bearing joints and kits