Here at Motion Motorsport, we love a restoration project! The attention to detail and skill that is needed to build a race car, we proudly carry over into everything else we do. Do you need us to step in a certain stage of your own project? Or do you want us to be responsible for the entire process? We understand that when you are inspired to start a restoration, you’ll probably want to be a part of the project, creativity and excitement that comes with it, so we always make sure our clients feel totally involved in what we do! Whether it’s purely hobby based or something that holds sentiment, we want to keep you connected to your project and allow you to take the wheel as much or as little as you like in your restoration journey.


Restorations come in all shapes and sizes; whether you’re looking for a complete concourse OEM rebuild, a recommission of a car that’s not seen the road for decades, or you’re just looking to create something custom to you – we can help! There’s no generic information when it comes to restoration as it’s highly specific to your car, its current condition and most importantly, your end goal – so please get in touch to discuss your ideas with a member of the team and we can help you bring your ideas to life!

Head over to our GALLERY to see some of the successful builds we’ve completed over the years!