Here at Motion Motorsport we are an official Pendle Performance agent. This means you will get the usual Premium Pendle Performance service when you bring your vehicle to us for remapping.

We DO NOT use generic remaps, all of our remaps are custom tuned and data-logged for your vehicle.

Prices start from £275+VAT. Interested in gaining some extra power from your engine? Get in touch today!


Skoda Yeti

  • BEFORE: 139.5BHP / 230.9FT/LBS
  • AFTER: 182.1BHP / 277.4FT/LBS
  • GAINS: 42.6BHP / 46.5FT/LBS

VW Transporter

  • BEFORE: 101.4BHP / 190.4FT/LBS
  • AFTER: 155.5BHP / 250.0FT/LBS
  • GAINS: 54.1BHP / 59.6FT/LBS