Motul 90 PA Limited-Slip Differential Oil


Motul 90 PA is an extreme pressure (EP) and mineral lubricant specially formulated for limited slip differentials (LSD) in various passenger car and commercial applications.


Designed specifically for limited-slip differentials in racing cars, 4WD, passenger cars, forester and construction vehicles.

Suitable for all types of hypoid differentials with or without limited-slip systems operating under shocks, heavy loads and low revolution speed or moderate loads and high revolution speed.

General Details:

SAE viscosity class 90
API specification GL-4
API specification GL-5
Specification MIL-L 2105 D
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  • Extreme pressure lubricant for efficient anti-wear protection
  • Prevents noisy and grabbing limited slip differentials
  • Very high lubricating properties to reduce friction
  • Suitable for any type of seal
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties


  • API GL4 & GL5
  • MIL-L-2105D

Additional information


2 Litres