Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy 5W30


Motul 8100 Eco-nergy 5w-30 is a fully synthetic, fuel economy engine oil specially designed for new petrol or diesel engines engines. It is formulated from synthetic base stocks to ensure high temperature resistance and high oxidation resistance during the whole duration of the oil drain interval for a fully protected engine.


Recommended for diesel or petrol engines, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, indirect or direct injection, requiring an engine oil with low friction and low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear).

Suitable for new technology engines requiring fuel economy standard ACEA A1/B1 or A5/B5 and all types of fuels: leaded or unleaded petrol, ethanol, LPG, diesel and bio-fuels.

Compatible with catalytic converters.

This oil can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.


  • Fuel economy and low emission performance for powerful engines
  • Synthetic base stocks and specific friction modifier molecules provide outstanding oil film resistance, reduce friction in the engine, maintain the oil pressure, and generally decrease operating temperatures
  • Provides outstanding lubricating properties such as wear protection and high temperature resistance for better controlled oil consumption along with up to 10% fuel economy during start up and short journeys
  • Unique dispersant formulation to avoid black sludge and viscosity increase that soot, coming from combustion residues, can create
  • High temperature resistance and high oxidation resistance are ensured during the whole duration of the oil drain interval to fully protect the engine
  • Endures the most severe thermal constrains along with modern after treatment systems compatibility
  • Environment friendly - reduces fuel consumption and therefore minimises greenhouse gases (CO2) emissions


  • Standards:
    • ACEA A5 / B5
    • API SL
  • Approvals:
    • Renault RN0700
  • Specifications:
    • Ford WSS M2C 913 D *
    • Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5003

* The Ford WSS M2C 913 D standard allows fully backward compatibility over previous Ford WSS M2C 913 A, 913 B and 913 C specifications

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