Motion Track/Race Car Foot Plates – EP3/DC5


If you have a stripped out track or race car you’ll notice now that you have an uneven and un supportive platform for your heels to sit on. Our footplates lift your heels to a more comfortable position and provide a solid, grippy platform for your feet.

These footplates are designed to be EP3/DC5 specific with the mounting holes etc in the correct place however they will fit a multitude of cars.

They are designed to fit an EP3/DC5 perfectly utilising the OEM foot rest next to the clutch pedal. The mounting holes are positioned so the plate has adequate support in all areas but also in the correct place to allow for the fitting of the supplied rivnuts.

Made from 4mm Aluminium, laser cut, machine folded and complete with grip tape, laser etched Motion logo and all required spacers and fittings.

*Although designed for the EP3/DC5 these plates will fit almost any car.