Honda FK2 Civic Type R Stage 3


The stage 3 package is identical to stage 2 but with the addition of a full car Polybush kit. Still geared towards fast road and track days, this package is equally at home on the road with the additional stiffness from the bushes providing less flex and un-wanted geometry changes in the suspension components when higher cornering forces are put through them on track. As with Stage 2 it Includes Yellowspeed coilovers, EDC cancellation kit to avoid warning lights and Hardrace camber adjustable ball joints. The coilovers have adjustable ride height and 33 clicks of damping adjustment meaning you can tune the car to be comfortable on the road whilst easily increasing the stiffness for trackdays. Camber adjustment is via the Hardrace lower ball joints whilst the rear anti roll bar reduces body roll and improves turn in.

These products are tried and tested to ensure the best value handling improvement. As with all our packages, 4 wheel alignment is essential after fitting. This is included in our fitting cost if you’re having the package fitted by us!

(including 4 wheel alignment / fast road setup)

Products included –

Yellowspeed Dynamic Pro Coilovers - Part Number YS01-HD-DPS055

Yellowspeed EDC Cancelation Kit- Part Number YS04-HD-DPS001

Hardrace Camber Ball Joints – Part Number 8776

Hardrace Rear Add on Roll Bar- Part number 8800

Polybush full car kit - FULLKIT_200