Honda EP3 / DC5 Stage 3


The stage 3 package is tailored further towards track use, whilst the component selection still makes the car very usable and compliant on the road. It’s an extension of the Stage 2 package with the addition of the Superpro full car bush kit, Hardrace hardened rubber rear trailing arm bushes and adjustable steering arms.

The bush kit and replacement trailing arm bushes allow more freedom of movement through the suspension travel and far less un-wanted geometry change than the softer and normally heavily worn stock items. The addition of adjustable steering arms allow toe correction at the higher camber levels required on track and more freedom of adjustment for future development. Along with the track focused spring rates the car comes alive with greater control, feel and confidence on the limit.

Again we use our most popular, tried and tested components meaning this package is guaranteed to give the best value for money performance increase for aggressive fast road driving and track work.

As with all our packages, 4 wheel alignment is essential after fitting. This is included in our fitting cost if you’re having the package fitted by us!

(including 4 wheel alignment / fast road setup)

Products included –

Yellowspeed Racing Dynamic Pro Sport Coilovers - track spec spring rates (select EP3 or DC5)

Superpro full car bush kit

Hardrace Rear Camber Arms

Roll centre Adjusters (select EP3 or DC5)

Tegiwa 24mm Rear anti roll bar

Hardrace adjustable steering arms

Hardrace rear trailing arm bushes