Honda EP3 / DC5 Stage 1


The stage 1 package is designed for every day users that are looking to improve the handling, stability and aesthetics of the car without compromising comfort or road drivability. Using our most popular, tried and tested fast road components below with options on spring choice dependant on how much you’d like to lower the car by. This package is the perfect base to transform the car from standard form but also as a platform to further upgrade in the future.

As with all our packages, 4 wheel alignment is essential after fitting. This is included in our fitting cost if you’re having the package fitted by us!

All parts fitted by us followed by a 4 wheel alignment / fast road setup. Please note: If you’ve added springs you have to select the correct option or your order will be cancelled.

Products included –

Eibach springs - Choice of Pro kit or Sportline kit. Pro kit lowers the car by 20mm and the Sportline kit by 35mm. These both work perfectly with the OEM dampers, improving body roll, cornering stability and give a ride quality that is better than OEM!

Superpro caster increase bushes (Part Number SPF2308K)

Front Camber Bolts (Part number T-4015012)

Tegiwa Rear Camber Arms – TGW-105