Fiesta ST MK7 OEM+ Front Control Arm Kit (Performance Alignment)


Fiesta ST MK7 OEM+ Front Control Arm Kit (Performance Alignment)

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These arms feature offset bushes for +0.5 degrees of caster per side. By increasing the static caster and dynamic negative camber gain, these arms will improve cornering grip and straight-line stability. Fits the ST models which have a larger 14mm bolt over standard non-ST vehicles. For non-ST models, see TRC1068. SuperPro offers a lifetime warranty on all Polyurethane products and a 3 year or 36,000-mile warranty on all metal products, end links and ball joints. This warranty covers the cost of replacing the parts in the case of manufacturing defects, material defects and is subject to a Fair Use assessment.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Arms
  • 2 x Ball Joints
  • 4 x Polyurethane Bushes
  • 4 x Steel Tubes

Suitable for:

  • Ford Fiesta MK7 ST 1.6 EcoBoost Front Wheel Drive (FWD) (2013 to 2017)
  • Ford Fiesta MK7 1.6 ST200 Front Wheel Drive (FWD) (2016 to 2017)

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Weight 6.42 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 43 × 21 cm