EBC Rear Orangestuff Pads – Honda


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EBC Orangestuff Pads

The new EBC Orangestuff Pad is a brand new race pad and is specially designed for track only use. The deep V grooves in the pad are used to catch dirt, debris and dust as well as aiding with venting. These will not be R90 tested for road use and are only manufactured for racing and track use.
The Orangestuff Pad uses the same interlayer system which is used in the Bluestuff NDX range, this ensures a much stronger bond in the compound for increased strength for racing harsh conditions. This will allow for 3 times the strength to a normal road use organic pad. These pads are pre-scorched which allows them to not have to bed in as quickly as normal road pads however we advise that some bedding-in is done. Two laps at intermediate speed is advised, followed by a further two using heavier braking.
These pads are suited to be used with the Turbo Groove Disc or Blade Discs.

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