No track or performance car is complete without some form of engine work, whether that’s to increase power or ensure reliability under the increased strain of racing. First and foremost, we want to ensure your engine is healthy and serviced correctly before any power upgrades. We always recommend a compression test and an engine oil & filter change at minimum.


Aside from power upgrades, service items and diagnostics, our engine options also include track essentials such as:

  • Drop in or weld in sump baffles
  • Instrumentation
  • Cooling solutions (it could be an existing kit or a completely custom selection of components)

Performance upgrades including:

  • Exhaust manifolds and systems
  • Intake systems
  • Turbo/supercharger installs
  • Internals such as pistons, rods, camshafts

Please feel free to contact us for a quote on parts installation.