Not only do your brakes allow you to slow down the existing speed in your car, any extra power or grip you may now have means you’re going to be asking much more of them. Braking performance is more than equally as important as any suspension or engine work in improving lap time and inspiring confidence in the car. We have options for all budgets that include:

  • Track or race compound discs and pads
  • Motorsport brake fluids
  • Braided brake line kits
  • 4/6 pot caliper upgrades
  • Pressure limiting valves
  • Master cylinder upgrades
  • Pedal boxes

Typical track day users can expect a significant improvement in braking by upgrading the pad/disc compound, using braided lines and racing fluid on the OEM braking system. More serious track day users may find that when coupled to an improved chassis and engine/drivetrain that a further increase in performance, pedal feel and longevity is required. Using the stock master cylinder, we can provide 4 or 6 pot brake kits, giving a greater disc diameter and pad surface area to handle the extra heat, improving performance and pedal feel which in turn improves confidence and lap time.

With components from some of the best brands in the business, we have options to suit all budgets. The choice comes down to how you use the car, so if you’re unsure and need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.